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Gill Automotive Group, LLC is a sell-side merger and acquisitions firm. Our services are offered to franchised automobile dealerships with the highest level of integrity, trust, and commitment.

Gill Auto assists car dealership sellers

With a background in the retail automotive business dating from 1969, Gill Automotive Group offers dealers the opportunity to deal and communicate with a seasoned former dealer who understands the emotional as well as the financial aspects of selling a dealership.

Understanding the numbers without having acquired the experience necessary for grasping the “dealer factor” within the business is an incomplete arrangement. Mutual communication is as key as confidentiality to Gill Automotive Group.

In 2020, Gill Automotive Group, LLC posted a record year in spite of the Covid epidemic. The Firm advised dealers on the close of Eleven (11) dealerships, comprising well over $440,000,000 in sales revenue!


Since the Firms inception in 2015, Gill Automotive Group has proven to be a winner in the automotive mergers and acquisitions business.

The success of the firm is the result of its structure, the history of its founder and finally its proven methods and processes.

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”

Knowledge in this instance has to do with a complete understanding of the operations of an automobile dealership as well as an understanding of market conditions.  Andy Gill began his career in the automotive industry in 1969 and has been involved in automotive retail, managerial and aftermarket sales as well as owning three automotive franchises in Georgia.  The last dealership sold in 2015, after 23 years of operation.  The culmination of previous decades of experience and discipline honed his skills and Andy took the final step into Automotive Mergers and Acquisitions with the formation of Gill Automotive Group.

Andy served on the Board’s of the GADA and for 21 years was the director and board member of the Metro Atlanta Dodge Advertising Association, both positions due to the vote of his dealer peers.

Andy understands the makeup of an automobile dealer and having sold three of his own dealerships, completely understands that the sale of a family owned business is as much “emotion” as it is financial.

Many of Gill Automotive Group’s competitors lack the dealer/owner factor, which remains a tremendous advantage for Gill Automotive Group.

Andy Gill - Gill Auto

An example of the philosophy of the firm, was the decision at inception, to seek qualified buyers first!

Makes sense; find a qualified buyer and armed with the buyers buying criteria, reach out to willing sellers. This philosophy remains a cornerstone of Gill Automotive Groups explosive growth and the reason that many listings are sold within weeks of listing, some within days!

Today, Gill Automotive Group, LLC has a file of over 225 qualified buyers, ranging from owners of 2-3 stores to “regional buyers” with over 40 stores.  Past corporate buyers include the following NADA top 100 dealer groups:

Lithia Motors

Medford, Or

Asbury Automotive Group

Duluth, GA

Victory Automotive Group

Canton, MI

Priority Automotive

Chesapeake, VA

This list is constantly updated because of continued conversation with the buyers.  Andy Gill is personally involved in every listing and every sale.  Andy becomes the “partner” of the selling entity until the store or stores close.  Knowing the confidential nature of all buy-sell opportunities, the buyer and seller are assured of complete confidentiality.

We NEVER advertise a listing!

Confidentiality is KEY and FOREMOST in any dealerships sale. If the listing is advertised, as several prominent brokers choose to do, how can the listing possibly be confidential?

Assurances will be given the selling dealer, but once the calls start, the identity and financials of the selling dealer will be known to many. In many instances, a dealership is advertised BEFORE it is under contract!

Once Gill Automotive Group is engaged by the Seller, all financial data is uploaded and protected in our Virtual Data Room. Only select buyers are allowed access to the VDR. NEVER is financial data faxed or sent overnight to a prospective buyer.


Gill Automotive Group NEVER advertises a listing. The buyer is either known, due to his profile, or the buyer is found the old fashion and most confidential nature, ONE CALL AT A TIME!

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