Determining the value of your dealership is the most critical factor in making an informed business decision!

Values vary depending on the franchise, the location, profits, etc. Geographical Location is also very key in valuation. The sale of a dealership and the resulting value is generally determined by the following:

Gill Auto determines the value of your dealership

Our process is proven and always begins with a NO COST valuation of the dealership

This valuation takes into consideration all aspects of the sale and must be complete as the final version represents the data supplied to a qualified buyer for consideration.  The information needed to properly complete the valuation is as follows:

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    Financial Statements

    Last three year-end financial statements and a current ytd statements.

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    Off Statement Income

    A listing of all “off statement “ income or expense that will not survive a closing. Examples are; rent packs, F&I packs, Boats, Airplanes, Tuitions for children or Grand Children and any family member salaries or compensation that will not exist post closing. The amount of each items as well as its location on the statement is necessary.

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    The more documentation, the less questions and the more professional

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    Factory Data

    Any current Factory data regarding market penetrations, fixed operations, etc.

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    Real Estate Information

    A current or past MAI appraisal if available.  IF not, a description of the real estate to be offered for sale or lease.

Upon receipt of all of this data, via PDF file or overnight, the valuation process begins.  The completion timing of a valuation depends on the thoroughness of the data and financials provided as well as the size of the dealership(s) to be sold (multiple stores take longer as a “combined valuation” is also completed.)  Generally, the valuation is completed within a week.

Additional Important Info

Seller Decision Time

Armed with the data from the completed valuation, a meeting occurs with the selling dealer at which time the contents of the valuation are discussed.  It is at this time that a decision is made by the selling dealer to proceed, the price of the offering and the timing of the offering.

Confidentiality Agreement

NEVER is any information shared with ANY prospect without first attaining an executed Confidentiality Agreement with the Prospect.  No Exceptions!  The GAG confidentiality agreement is very legally enforceable.

Virtual Data Room

When the seller agrees to move forward with the sale of the dealership(s), all data compiled at the time of the Valuation, to include financial statements, factory statistical data, real estate information and parts of the Valuation, is up loaded into the Ideals Virtual Data Room (VDR).  The VDR is used by many of the Fortune 500 companies for document storage and sharing and is recognized as the most professional and secure method of financial and data sharing.

Once up loaded in the VDR, an invitation is sent to the qualified buyer or buyers who’s buying profile fits the dynamics of the selling dealership.  In most instances the identity of a potential buyer is know by GAG.

All initial prospects are initially given permission to “view” only the documents. Once it is determined that the buyer is serious, permission to “Print” may be granted.  At all times GAG management can monitor the time spent in the VDR reviewing the dealership data.