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Gill Automotive Group is a Recognized Leader in Dealership Acquisitions & Dispositions


The Story Behind Gill Automotive Group

Whether you’re a seller ready for the next chapter or a buyer seeking the perfect investment, we are the bridge that expertly brings these worlds together.

At Gill Automotive Group, we understand the deep significance of every dealership’s story — a tale of hard work, dedication, and a legacy worth preserving. Our Founder and CEO, Andy Gill, began his journey in automotive retail in 1969, owning and operating three successful franchises in the Southeast. After 23 years of operation, his last dealership was sold in 2015, marking the beginning of Gill Automotive Group’s commitment to guiding others through these pivotal transitions.

Andy’s transition from dealership owner to mergers and acquisitions expert was a natural evolution, born from decades of experience, the respect of his peers, and a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies. With over $3 billion in sales since our inception, Gill Automotive Group has quickly become a trusted name in the world of automotive mergers and acquisitions. When you choose Gill, you’re not just choosing a brokerage firm; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to honoring your dealership’s legacy of excellence. Contact us today to maximize the value of your dealership while preserving its reputation for generations to come.

Andy understands the thrill of building something from the ground up, the pride of a legacy spanning generations, and the bittersweet moment of passing the torch to new hands. 

Your story deserves to continue, whether in your hands or those of a new, trusted steward … Let us pave the way.


Confidentiality is Guaranteed

At Gill Automotive Group, confidentiality is our top priority during the entire process. Andy Gill is personally involved in every listing and sale, becoming a trusted partner to the selling entity until closure.

To begin, sellers provide Andy with the necessary information for a no-cost valuation, which is discussed in a confidential meeting to decide on pricing and timing. No information is shared with prospects until there is a legally enforceable non-disclosure agreement in place. There are no exceptions.

We utilize the Ideals Virtual Data Room (VDR), a trusted platform used by Fortune 500 companies. Potential buyers receive invitations to view the data, with printing permissions granted only to serious buyers. Throughout the process, Gill Automotive Group monitors access for confidentiality and security.

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At Gill Automotive Group, We Believe It’s Not About Being the Biggest – It’s About Being the Best


Our mission is to be the trusted partner in guiding automotive dealership owners through the complexities of mergers and acquisitions. We strive to provide unparalleled expertise, personalized care, and utmost confidentiality to ensure a seamless transition that honors legacies and maximizes value.


Our vision at Gill Automotive Group is to redefine the standard of excellence in automotive mergers and acquisitions. We aim to be recognized as the industry leader, known for our unwavering commitment to our clients' success, our innovative approach to matchmaking sellers with the perfect buyers, and our dedication to preserving the rich legacies of each dealership we serve.


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