Our Perfect Fit® Process

We Don’t Find a Buyer, We Find the Buyer


Experience the Power of Precision and the Art of Personalization

At Gill Automotive Group, we understand that success isn’t just about finding a buyer – it’s about finding the perfect buyer for your dealership.

The Gill Automotive Group Perfect Fit® Process sees each dealership as one-of-a-kind, recognizing its individuality and unique traits. At the core of the Perfect Fit® Process lies an in-depth analysis to understand the dealership’s distinct DNA, shaped by multiple factors including franchise, location, facility, and reputation.

From the perspective of a Buyer, the Perfect Fit® Process delivers precision and personalization. We meticulously categorize buyer preferences, zeroing in on essential criteria such as preferred brands, geographical locations, and other key intangibles. This rigorous approach significantly reduces the time frame for sellers and buyers.

Whether you are a motivated seller seeking a lucrative exit or a buyer looking to expand, Gill Automotive Group is your partner. Andy and his team offer the utmost in confidentiality, transparency, and data-informed decisions to deliver a successful sale.

As a “Sell-Side” brokerage, we leverage our extensive buyer network to identify perfectly matched Buyers and Sellers.


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You're not just working with an industry expert – you're partnering with someone who understands the personal stakes involved.

Andy Gill’s journey in the automotive world is deeply personal. For years, he nurtured the dream of working alongside his children and passing down his dealership to the next generation. But as time passed, it became clear that his children weren’t interested in following in his footsteps. 

It was a bittersweet realization, but instead of dwelling on what could have been, Andy found a new dream. He founded Gill Automotive Group with a mission to help others navigate the complex world of dealership sales and acquisitions. Every deal, every negotiation, is infused with Andy’s personal touch and understanding of the emotional weight behind these transactions.

The decision to sell a dealership is more than just a business move; it's often tied to decades of hard work, dedication, and personal investment. Andy knows this better than anyone. He's been there, faced the difficult choices, and ultimately found a new path forward. Andy's commitment to your success is rooted in his own journey of letting go, embracing new dreams, and finding fulfillment in helping others achieve their goals.

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