Gill Automotive Group, exclusive advisor in the sale of Sutton Chevrolet

Andy’s guidance was invaluable. His deep understanding as a former dealer brought a level of unparalleled insight and expertise to the sales process.”
-C. Sutton, Seller
Congratulations to Dustin Osborne, the visionary buyer behind the newly christened Osborne Chevrolet
“I am filled with immense excitement and a sense of profound fulfillment as I embark on this dream of mine. I am deeply thankful to Carlton Sutton for opening the door to this incredible opportunity and to Andy for his instrumental role in facilitating a seamless transition.”
-Dustin Osborne

Gill Automotive Group is honored to have a front-row seat to witness Dustin’s dream unfold into reality. His journey to ownership is not just a personal milestone but an inspiration. For Dustin, we know this dealership is the first of many.

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